McDonald's Owner/Operator Intro (Escalante)

McDonald’s  •   Written by: Courtney Escalante  •   Directors of Photography: Jesse Mariut/Steve Gherebean

Courtney and Jon Escalante hired us to create a video for their team– especially the new hires– to get to know them better. In the fast paced McDonald’s environment, sometimes it’s hard to personally introduce yourself to each new staff member in every store. Courtney and Jon really care about their employees and the communities they serve and they wanted their new staff to understand that they’re personally invested in the community and the benefit of their customers.

We had Courtney talk about what it was like growing up with owner/operator parents and the things she remembers from her childhood. We also had her emphasize the point that she  and Jon have both personally worked in every position at the restaurant at one time or another in their life, right down from crew members to store owners.

Being that McDonald’s is a first job for many, Courtney and Jon wanted to encourage their new hires by showing not only their own personal successes but some of the successes of their managers and other crew people, so the final portion of the video depicts excerpts from interviews with other staff members. Each one noted that the work is demanding, but that sticking it out with a positive attitude is always rewarding.

See what it's really like to work at McDonalds in this compelling short film about an owner/operator couple

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