Origin Coffee & Tea

Origin Coffee & Tea  •   Written by: Steve Gherebean/Elijah Meeker  •   Directed by: Steve Gherebean

Origin Coffee and Tea were looking to run an ad at a local theater to drive some business to their store. They had 3 days to complete the 30 second video to get it out in time for the holiday movie goers. The Render Social team immediately devised a plan to create a video that would fit not only in the local theater but also on Instagram and Facebook.

Due to the short time frame of the video, we came up with a plan to time-lapse a young girl drawing their motto “One Cup Closer to Freedom” (Origin Coffee donates all profits to fight against sex-trafficking) and narrating Origin’s story.  The video has been playing in theater and on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for  several months.


One Cup Closer To Freedom

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